About GFD

On March 8, 2001, the Citizens of Gonzales overwhelmingly approved a 1/2 Sales Tax to improve Fire, Police and Sanitation Services. The Mayor and City Council immediately employed a full-time Fire Chief to begin the vision for the development of a professional fire and rescue department. The Citizens were promised a better fire insurance rating with professional and highly skilled services. Today, the following successes exist:

1. The Department has improved to a "Class 2" Fire Insurance Rating up from the "Class 4." This provides for significant savings to residential and business owners.

2. The Fire Department staffs 2 ambulances with Firefighter-Paramedics that respond to medical and other emergencies inside the city limits of Gonzales. Citizens of the City of Gonzales that use these services pay nothing out of their own pockets for ambulance transportation.

3. Construction on the Orice Roth Rd. Fire Station in 2002 provides for better response time to the south side of the City. Fire Department personnel can now arrive in 3-5 minutes from dispatch time thus savings more lives.

4. The Caldwell St. Fire Station was remodeled in 2001 and is also staffed 24 hours a day.

5. Construction of the Firefighter Training Center in 2004 provides the highest level of expert education and safety to our dedicated personnel. In addition, it will be a premier facility for our area in preparing fire and rescue responders.

6. We now employ 27 full-time individuals who are committed to making Gonzales a safe place to live and raise a family.

7. We have a certified technical rescue team that is capable of rescuing persons from up high places or below ground level, as well as a water rescue team certified in both swift water SCUBA diving operations.

8. The Department employs technology both in the fire apparatus and at the station to manage emergency responses, daily activities, access to online training resources, and required reporting.

9. We have built relationships in the community by providing fire safety education and participating in events that make our City better and improve its quality of life.

10. We have created a department that attracts the best talent in the state due to competitive salaries and first class equipment.

11. We have done all this with only one thing in mind; the quality of life for the citizens of Gonzales.

We extend thanks to our past and present city officials, including Mayor Barney Arceneaux and City Council. Without their continued support and shared vision, our department could not possibly be as successful.



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